Ever wanted to start over? Or maybe thought that it was too late to make something of yourself? Felt “stuck” with the existence you have created, knowing there’s something more for you but were just unsure how to make things happen?

This podcast explores the radical idea that we are never meant to be a “finished product,” stuck in some static existence. There is always more for us to become, more for us to discover about ourselves.

I’ll be interviewing interesting people who have lived out this reality, embracing the concept that life is a journey of constant change, growth, and movement– a journey with no end. They’ll share with us the helpful thought patterns, activities, and encouraging words and philosophies that have propelled them to keep going.

I invite you to listen in and to contribute your voice to this conversation as well. Ask your questions, make your comments, and suggest some guests who are pioneers exploring the unknown territories of their own lives. Together, let’s discover who we are: becoming!

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